Sunday Linkfest- Tornado Watch Edition

If you go crazy for Bravo's reality TV, you likely fit into one of three targets of theirs: “Wills and Graces” “P.T.A. Trendsetters,” “Metrocompetitors” or “Newborn Grown-Ups” Fascinating analysis of the power of deep research and over-serving a small and passionate target in We’ll Make You a Star (if the Web Agrees)

 I usually enjoy Corner Office, but this one point really resonated with me: company culture is that power of thinking you can win when the odds say you're going to lose big: Corner Office with Jen-Hsun Huang of Nvidia

Harvard Economist Gregory Mankiw lays out a very sound analysis of the things we tax, and why we tax them in Can a Soda Tax Save Us From Ourselves?

For further study, an infographic Health Spending vs. Results

Happy tornado watch!