Will it Blend?

There are some things which are just sheer delight.  I went to YouTube today, thinking that I'd watch the video for White and Nerdy again, but on the homepage was a link to "Will it Blend"- a series of short videos in which an employee of high-performance blender manufacturer Blendtec attempts to answer the question, "Will it Blend?"  This is like turning Gallagher's produce-smashing Sledge-a-matic routine into an endorsement for a line of comically oversized sledgehammers.

With one glaring difference.  With Gallagher (NO PROBLEM!), I'm always distracted by him acting all fabulous, which is fine, if that's your persona.  Tom Dickson, the host of "Will it Blend" would probably bore grey carpet to death.  So, there's nothing to distract from the fun of asking whether golf balls, a rake handle, 50 marbles, a McDonald's combo #1, Tom's credit cards, or coke and half of a cooked bone in chicken...will be chopped into little bits by Blendtec's machine. 

I bet this sells a lot of blenders- it would be great to have data on this.  I can say for sure that I'd rather watch this than an infomercial any day.  It's real, it's fun, and it impresses me about functionality.  This is the future of viral advertising for kitchen products.