Would this be better as a list?

  • Barista at Starbucks 86th and Columbus Ave.  (which I have always thought had awesomely executed beatnik lighting) asked if I was famous.  I am not famous...yet.  I admit I bungled the response, because I didn't just go with it.  The barista (jailbait- bless her heart) said I looked like an actor- which one?  From that show, "Home Improvement."  No, not  Tim Allen.  The other guy, co-host of Tool Time, Richard Karn as the accident prone Al Borland.  Would probably have been more fun if she had thought I looked like Jonathan Taylor Thomas.
  • Had great evening on Friday at Woody McHale's on 14th street.  Chill atmosphere, music that won't drown out your attempts at conversation, and the best home made thin cut waffle fries I have ever had the pleasure of tasting.  You can be sure I'll be going back.
  • One more fabulous Christmas eve dinner at Yeah Shanghai Deluxe in Chinatown. My initial confusion concerned whether calling ahead (which BLM said he did in the mid afternoon, I think) resulted in our near-immediate seating, but that quickly turned into the guilt of the fortunate.  There were plenty of people waiting, and it sure seemed like we ran a gauntlet of angry (and hungry) people speaking not English as we moved through the narrow entryway of the restaurant,  past the dim sum steaming area, and to the exact same table we sat at last year.
  • Watched all DVDs purchased from Amazon, plus "Happy Endings" (weird but good) and "Homicide: Life on the Street Season 1 Disc 1" (as fantastic, as I remember it from Friday nights on NBC when I was a teenager, though perhaps even better without commercials).