This is the inaugural post.  In order to withstand the heavy Slashdotting I am sure this blog will receive, I have committed to posting only my original thoughts, and some links to what inspires them.  If you want to check out where I work (currently), hit up The Columbia Institute for Tele-Information. 

But if you just want a good laugh, make sure you check out the story about two Florida lawyers who were ordered to resolve a dispute and forced by a judge to resolve it using "one (1) game of rock, paper, scissors."  The funny thing about this, well ok, one of the many funny things about this, is that a resaercher at CITI told me that "rock, paper, scissors is a very efficient dispute resolution technique, because it produces a winner and a loser." A lawyer friend also remarked, "that decision is not reviewable." 

Yes, my blog is named after a Led Zeppelin song: I may not come from the Ice and Snow (actually, it is technically more correct that I come from the 'Western shore') but on I sweep, with thrashing oars, to go somewhere fun, exciting, and challenging.