Day 11 of the Fedex Monster

About a month ago, I discovered that a number of our invoices from dear ol' FedEx had shipments clearly not sent by anyopne ion my office.  Seems that Pape Diarra (near columbia University) sent Seneba Bone (Dakar Liberte, Senegal- on the western tip of Africa) 72.6 lbs of lord knows what.  There were  maybe a dozen shupments like this, to destinations in the US (viginaia, west virginia, Tennessee, Florida) all with shipper and recipient unknown to me. 

Our account number is in the wild somewhere.  Obviously, every day that goes by before our account is closed means that FedEX is performing a service for which it will never be paid.

Every customer service rep with whom I have spoken, and I bet there have been nearly 20 different ones, considering the number of phone calls, has been helpful and understood the seriousness of the situation.  However, seemingly as a result of our affiliation with a large research university, new acccounts must go through a specific account executive.  FedEX will not disclose his e-mail address or direct phone number, so all I can do is leave him two voice mails a day, which are unreturned.  I am at a loss.  I won't authorize payment on the airbills in question, but I can;t close the account until we have a new one.

Sigh.  What a shame for a company to treat us this way.


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