What's in My Media Wallet

Some things I've watched or listened to lately:

Showtime's Weeds (all of season 1 and what's out there of Season 2)- Really great and sharp comedy series.  Kevin Nealon is excellent.

Howard Zinn: You Can't Be Neutral
- Very interesting- incredibly passionate guy

Stealth- boy did this suck.  Sexual tension thicker than an aircraft carrier's hull, would have been intolerable except for occasional explosions.  Sort of like Iron Eagle meets Short Circuit.  But not as good as either of them by a long shot.

Mashup of Deep Purple's "Perfect Strangers" and the Beastie Boys "Shake Your Rump" courtesy of Mashuptown's Mashup of the Week Podcast [subscribe]

Flightplan- You don't miss anything if you fast forward through this one.

Me and You and Everyone We Know- weird independent film.  Plenty of teenage girl weirdness though the film is focused on the young sons of an up and coming loser and his artist girlfriend. 

The Octagon- Delta Force is clearly a much better Chuck Norris movie.  This movie's plot is thinner than Kate Moss on a  hunger strike.  Bad, bad dialogue.

Arena - I love this movie.   I have loved this movie since I saw it long ago on cable.  I loved it so much I created the wikipedia article on it and added it to the list of movies referencing "Swordfish" as a password. Spaceborne fighting arena with electronic handicapper system pits human unknown against evil looking alien champion.  Gambler/Don King analogue tries to fix the fight but human wins the day.  It's sort of The Last Starfigher meets Rocky.