Most of my friends use a free service run by TellMe to get sports scores when they are not at a computer.  I'm inclined to agree with Bruce McVarish, that voice is the mouse of mobile, but disinclined to think 800-555-TELL  is anything but a novelty at this point.

What's good about the service?
Perhaps let's start with that.  You can get scores for almost any sporting event you might be interested in.  I've used it successfully (see below for definition of success) for football, baseball, and basketball.  The scores are pretty recent, and often include a little quip based on the score and whether the team you asked for was the winner of loser. 

For example if the Jets played the Broncos last night on MNF, and you called during the third quarter and asked for "Sports" then "Football" then "Denver," you might hear, "Currently, the Broncos are trouncing the Jets, 77-3, in the third quarter."  The system adds words like "trouncing" all by itself.  If you had asked for New York Jets, you might hear, "Currently, the Jets are being demolished by the Broncos, 77-3, in the third quarter."

The utility of the service exceeds its drawbacks.  While my friends seem to use it exclusively for sports scores, the system can also deliver weather, traffic, or financial news; I have not used the financial news feature.  The traffic report feature is quite cumbersome and finding out the traffic conditions on a major route, like the George Washington Bridge, was very difficult.

It's free.

What's bad?
Using the service in any crowded or noisy place is out- though perhaps this should be blamed on poor microphone technology- it works infrequently at best.  The system constantly mis-hears you.  A nice confirmation of what it did hear is famous.  One often says "Sports" as the category one wants and hears, inexplicably,  "Ok, traffic."  Few calls are without errors as one says "stop" "Main Menu" and "Sports" over and over to try to get the right section of the service.  It can be highly frustrating, especially when one successfully navigates to the promised land of "sports" and is repeatedly told either "I'm sorry, I didn't get that" or "Golf" instead of "football."

So, where is the mouse heading?  Would people really continue to use their mice with PCs if they constantly had to re-click and  even this frequentrly returned the wrong results?  The mouse would have been doomed.  So, I'm not sure voice navigation is there yet. Don't get me started on T-Mobile's voice-navigated customer service...