2007...meet 1994?

So I keep seeing all the hype over the iTv, the new device from Apple which will be for broadband video and connect to the TV.  Expectations include a robust download driven broadcast platform and DVR-like features.  I hope no one is quoting me for what the mac rumor mill is saying.

If true, or close to true, it will only be 14 or so years after the ill-fated MacTV- which was basically a Performa colored black and with a CATV in card.  You could only watch TV or use the mac, not both at the same time, and it had still but not video capture.   Remember those cartridge-loading CD-ROM drives?  My dad got one for my grandparents, and I think they were happy with it, sort of until everyone realized it was just an underpowered marketing mistake.

I think Apple is in a much better position to execute on a TV-related venture at this point, but I guess you never know.