Ruckus Goes to Yale! (is music on ipod the ultimate goal?)

Ruckus Goes to Yale!

In the article it said that Ruckus was giving away the service to anyone with a working “.edu” address. I registered as an alum and gave my class year, as opposed to saying I was a current student (I don’t know why I took them at face value).


I clicked on the registration link sent to my school address and was shown two really enormous and annoying ads. First there was a “free ringtones” service sign up (cancel anytime etc) as the landing page, on which I clicked “No thanks”- marveling at how much customer goodwill they just wasted.


Then they showed me an ITT tech ad! This seemed moronic-surely there is an advertiser out there who would pay more that ITT to show ads to people who went to actual 4-year universities. Besides, I have this thing about ITT Tech that looking at their ads is inherently bad luck (silly superstition that dates to when I was applying to college).


I bet Ruckus could have made this service, with the no-downloading to iPod, available to anyone with a college e-mail address (that would be a huge potential audience right there- 80% of the 142 million US adults in the online population have at least “some college” education). I bet that would have been an interesting play, but that’s not what they did. I thought, I’m not giving them my credit card info, I thought, but I still want to explore.

So after all this clicking…all they offered me was a free 3-day trial. 


Another thing I turned up last week was that technically, you can use rhapsody with an iPod if you are willing to forego the fact that it’s an iPod and let Rhapsody manage your collection of songs purchased  from Rhapsody, as well as MP3 and aac files.


To set up your iPod to work with compatible Rhapsody files:


- Update Rhapsody

- Install the iPod software and iTunes

- Update iTunes

- Activate your iPod

- Turn off automatic song updating and podcast updating in iTunes

- Enable disk use in iTunes

- Attach the iPod and open Rhapsody


These steps are not supported, that this would be way way too complex for the average user, and as likely as not to stop working unexpectedly.