Web without rules

From yesterday's NYT: Young Turn to Web Sites Without Rules

Stickam, based in Los Angeles, says it has 260,000 registered users — 50,000 of them say their age is 14 to 17 — and is adding 2,000 to 3,000 each day.

While I’m as wary as anyone about missing the next myspace or YouTube, it’ll be decades before they catch YouTube at this pace. There will always be a set of wild west sites, which will be great uncensored wastelands for porn and script kiddies pirating videos.

But just to keep from being negative, 15 of the top 30 most-viewed movies on stickam.com are women in their underwear. The top clip has 60,000 views. Congrats to the NYT for adding an infusion of dirty old men to the site’s user base.

The famous “Evolution of dance” video has been viewed 9,730 times. Er, 9,731- I love that video.