E-Paper! I've Been Waiting For This

Digital Media Wire reports:


"Cambridge, UK – UK-based Plastic Logic, announced that it has secured $100 million worth of venture capital, one of the largest deals in European venture capital history. The funding was co-led by Oak Investment Partners of Palo Alto, Calif., and Tudor Investment of Greenwich, Conn.

The company intends to use the funds to build a manufacturing facility as it shifts its business model away from a licensing strategy to manufacturing its own products. The company expects to begin manufacturing standalone flexible active-matrix display units that include connectivity hardware by 2009.

According to the release issued by the company, the products will enable the first “take anywhere, read anywhere” electronic reader products."

This product sounds like the future of newspapers to me.  People like the tangible nature of paper.  It is a really cool medium.  Add some advanced nav features and content that refreshes itself and I think we have a winner.  Hopefully they can get the price right so it's not a $300 mistake if you lose it.  And hopefully, it also won't be plagued by content partnership problems.