Weekend in Review

My Broncos lost a squeaker to the Bears special teams...I mean come on it sure as hell wasn't their anemic offense!  I think Jay Cutler has real talent, and if you take that idiot Sauerbrun out of the picture (he should haver to wear an "I Kick To Hester" t-shirt) we would have won, for sure. 

In other sports news, my trip to the Garden for the Cornell-Boston University hockey game was a little disappointing0 ended in a 6-3 defeat for the Big Red.  Given that MSG holds about 5 times the fans as Lynah Rink, it was pretty spectacular to hear thousands of Cornell fans yelling "RED" in the middle of the national anthem, and all of our other mob behavior is still way entertaining. 

Watching football this Sunday, I was treated to an ad for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which I look forward to seeing in 08.  However, if it continues the post-T2 decline of the franchise, I imagine I'll ultimately be disappointed.

The other thing I discovered was in those Toyota Tundra ads, the guy who drives up in the Tundra with the line "Get in" is none other than Eric Allan Kramer of Robin Hood, Men In Tights fame.  Go get 'em, little John!