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Bob, I'm probably just a bit older than the "younger generation" you talk about (i'm 27 and just a bit too young to be Gen X) and unfortunatley I didn't discover Zeppelin until about 19.  But I do know that Zeppelin is the band that helped me realize that music could be great and reference literature at the same time.  That it could have weirdly- kind-of-too-long tracks,  like Carouselambra, and still have "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" and "When the Levee Breaks" and the others you mention.

My friend AW had a monster home theater set up in his apartment senior year, and when the Led Zeppeloin DVD set came out, I think we all had a religious awakening watching "In My Time of Dying". on.  Once, after we had all be drinking, he refused, which led to:

GR: If you don't put on In My Time of Dying, I'm not going to order us Pizza.
AW: You're going to lose this one. 

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