Poseur of the Month: Microsoft

Can you believe this?  I read a quick announcement in the FierceMobile newsletter that Microsoft was in talks to allow labels to sell DRM-free music for use on the Zune.  Never mind that if you share such tracks with another Zune user they expire in three days.  This PCPro article is pretty light on details also, but does include the following gem:

'Consumers have made it clear that unprotected music is something they want,' Microsoft spokeswoman Katy Asher said. 'We plan on offering it to them as soon as our label partners are comfortable with it.'

So let me understand this: no consumers were making it clear that DRM-free music was something they wanted a year ago?  Way to do your research.  Microsoft is trailing the indicators big time.  Microsoft is trailing every sentient person on the Internet who ever said- "but I bought it- how come it won't work on my XX device?"  Poseurs.