Lost Season 3 Finale [spoiler alert]

I thought it was kind of fun for things to be a little happy for a minute.  Hugo saves the day with the van. Actually I can't figure out why there was beer left in it- I though Jin and Sawyer drank it all?

The flash forward was kind of cool too, but a bit like burning a rope at both ends...over the long run, is that their vision?  Connecting the dots for 3 more seasons? My thought at the time was, didn't "The 9" kind of flop? Also, I agree with what some people have said that not everyone gets off the island.  I think that's why Jack wants to go back. There are some screencaps of the clipping that Jack carried around and it looks like a man from NY dies- isn’t Michael from NY?

I think it is worth focusing on the whole idea of the island giving people purpose/ requiring them to act upon it.  It gave Desmond visions, Locke healing, super virility to Jin, etc, and maybe in some strange way the survivors are better off on the island, with all its mystery, than returning to the mainland.

My last thought has to do with Ben being right about Naomi not being who she says she is. She had the pic of penny and Desmond, and we know that penny is looking for Desmond, but what the hell was Naomi really doing? Who was the guy on the other end of the phone?