U2 Manager -P2P Culpability On ISPs

Oy vay.  it's so great to know this totally backward thinking is alive and well at Midemnet in France.

He accused the “hippies” and “deadheads” who built technology companies of having, “for far too long, had a completely free ride on clients’ content” and having ”built a multibillion dollar industry on the back of our content without paying for it”. “We all know kids don’t pay $25 a month for broadband just to share their photos and do homework,” he said.

Oy.  Oy!    Seriously- if there were a good alternative I'd gladly pay up.  Just this morning I was listening to a mashup called  "Weapon of the Pig" [Days of the New and Seether] which inluded an iMix link to the source songs.  This was helpful, and I decided I liked both of the the songs enough to buy the iMix. Digital downloads are up even with their hegemonic   

Link: @ Midem: U2 Manager Backs Sticking P2P Culpability On ISPs | paidContent:UK.