Hoping KDR can go see Path101 at Cornell

I know I never got much out of the career fairs at Cornell, since I wasn't an engineer, a math major, or in the Ag school studying business management.  As a government major i was essentially expected to go to law school or bust. 

When I graduated in 2002, the job market sucked.  The class of 1999 had all gotten great jobs and I had salivated over the idea of that kind of opportunity only to see it dry up.  Looking for a job after graduation seemed to me like looking for ice in the Gobi Desert- tough.

I'm proud to say that a combination of connections helped me to find a great starting point, in just under a year after graduating.  I never would have found the job I got just by applying online.

Charlie O'Donnell, an energetic entrepreneur and Silicon Alley evangelist, hopes to  make it easier to find the right career, even if you were just a government major. 

Charlie will be at Cornell on Tuesday 2/19, so check out Path101, meet Charlie, and see if you can start your job search a little earlier than I did.