The McKibbiners...keeping the NY art scene alive?

And I thought I'd lived in some small apartments.  Some young (and even some OLD) artists are living in converted factories in "cubbies" as small as  4 people in 25 square feet.  Yikes.

Brian Belukha, a 23-year-old musician who describes his look as “intergalactic space castaway,” decided to leave after someone threw a 40-ounce beer bottle at his head. “It’s a dorm, and it’s insane. It’s just insane,” said Mr. Belukha

That sound slike a good time to leave.  Apparently I'm late to the party on lambasting the culture of theft/parties/urination which some of these residents seem proud of, but I will say that ready buyers and sellers of housing services- of all walks of life and price ranges do seem to be meeting in this sketchy neighborhood. 

I'm probably not cool enough to visit, but may all of the residents live to see their next birthday, critical recognition, a paycheck of some variety...or at least the occasional night's sleep.

Link: Young Artists Find a Private Space, Only Without the Privacy - New York Times.