I'm a person. YOU ARE STILL A PC.

So, I was about to begin this post with a congratulatory note of sorts, directed at Microsoft's marketing dept.  I was briefly interrupted by a magical TD pass by Jay Cutler, but now I'm back. 

I went looking for the video of the ad I just watched on TV.  I am not going to describe it, but it was a reasonable effort, if a decade late (in internet time).  the first result I found was Microsoft's site for this particular campaign, http://imapc.lifewithoutwalls.com/ The glorious thing about this site, is that the first thing it tells me is I need Silverlight to view the site.  How can I "get into the campaign" if I can't even view the fun parts of the site?

So, I have news for you, Microsoft advertising campaign:  I'm a person. YOU ARE STILL A PC.   I don't see how this does anything except make people who own a PC feel a little better about what they already are, which is a person with a computer.    Windows just can't deliver on the feeling of life/computers just plain working- not even the advertising can do that!!  That's Apple's bag, sorry.   

Also, part of the campign was produced using Macs.  Awesome.  And the Broncos scored again.