Facebook Deal-breaker

I have now seen this "Get Your Obama Check" ad about 30 times in the last 48 hours.   ObamaCheck

As a resident of planet internet I've gotten used to the morass of spam that hits my email account, with offers from every salacious, medical, impossible, fraudulent, Canadian, or just mis-spelled offer in the land.  I'm fine with my mental state, my body, and my darn watch for now, thank you very much.

I don't really see the value in the display ads on Facebook thses days.  The dating ads were under my skin for a while- they just seemed to have mean ad copy that took advantage of my profile to target me and be mean.

And now, in this climate, the "Get Your Obama Check" is beyond the pale, a scam sending in $2.99 to "get $12,000" is ridiculous. It's the kind of late night drivel we've seen for years.  I implore Facebook to get rid of these ads, and for my fellow citizens to report such ads as tasteless, opportunistic scams. 

Where will Facebook build significant advertising value?  Does such a thing exist when most people I know deploy a combination of resentment and unconscious filtering to ignore the ads we see?  Did you think that I didn't notice your addition of a third ad slot in the right gutter, Facebook? 
Even at 150 million monthly active users, I'm skleptical of the long term advertising value proposition if Facebook is going to let these kinds of ads destroy what little positive perception Facebook ads enjoy.

Perhaps the pro version of Facebook polls and Facebook's Lexicon utility are where the real money is- if that's so, why should Facebook still be taking these scammers' money?