Spy Social Networking: Top Ten

The inspector General of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released a report on the failure of the ODNI to improve US Intelligence gathering by breaking down territorial/divisive behavior among the 14 US intelligence agencies.  I wonder what they've tried?  How about "A-Space?". What's A-Space?

 American officials in recent years have unveiled a series of initiatives intended to improve intelligence analysis in the wake of a botched 2002 National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq, which concluded that Saddam Hussein’s regime was stockpiling unconventional weapons.

One such initiative is “A-Space” — modeled after the popular social networking site MySpace — intended to allow analysts from different intelligence agencies to better communicate and share information.

Oy.  I can't even imagine what happens on A-Space.  Or can I?...Here's my top 10 in progress. (Updated with help from my friend Cy)

10. ZOMG check this out: 2 Syrians 1 Cup
9.  Bob, that was really mean for you to Ollie-North-roll me during the NSC briefing
8.  2 tix to sell 4 briefing on trans-border shipments in Afghanistan - cheep! 
7.  Error 007: profile not found.  Ha!  Try to find me!  Just Try.
6.  Tx 4 the add!  Check out my band here: a-space.mil/secretmonkees
5.  Spring break pics of a CIA analyst doing a bodyshot...off an actual body.
4.  The White House will respond to a 'poke' by a covert CIA agent by revealing her identity to the New York Times.