A gigantic free ride into the New New Economy

Wired's Chris Anderson echoes the sentiment that the revolution in web services, combined with the collapse of debt-laden superfirms, is about to user in a new era of micro-production, wherein small firms are better able to compete, and adapt.

Working for yourself is hard.  Working for yourself might or might not make you happier.

The New New Economy: More Startups, Fewer Giants, Infinite Opportunity. To all the usual reasons why small companies have an advantage, from nimbleness to risk-taking, add these new ones: The rise of cloud computing means that young firms no longer have to buy their own IT equipment, which helps them avoid having to raise money or take on debt. Likewise, the webification of the supply chain in many industries, from electronics to apparel, means that even the tiniest companies can now order globally, just like the giants. In the same way a musician with just a laptop and some gumption can accomplish most of what a record label does, an ambitious engineer can invent and produce a gadget with little more than that same laptop.

Anderson isn;t alone, time magazine asks us to consider