Heartfelt Marketing scores - Griffin and Dave Delaney

This is the kind of multi-media experience I believe any brand can undertake with the right people approaching a high-profile event.  While you would do lots of things differently to reflect your brand, the skeleton is here.  Chris Brogan's post on Griffin is excellent, here are excerpts:

Dave Delaney and his company, Griffin, put on quite a great little project with CESBound. They took an old VW bus, after hours, and restored it, and then drove it from Nashville all the way to Las Vegas for CES. Along the way, they made media, met friends, told stories, shot photos, froze a bit, played music, and had a blast.

Key takeways (from the bottom of the post):

  • Tell a story and tell it well.
  • Capture the story in multiple types of media.
  • Involve people by communicating and relationship-building.
  • Tie it to your core theme and beliefs (Griffin is a lot about art, design, expression).
  • Build a meaningful online presence around the experience. Don’t call CESBound a microsite.
  • Do it inhouse. Near as I can tell, they had no external agency help with the project.
  • Share the spotlight. Griffin also partnered with Threadless to create a special CES iPhone case, with BrightKite for location services, and more.
  • Bring it all home. The team did a great job of telling a story that also strengthened the brand.

Kudos to Dave Delaney and thanks as always to Chris Brogan for calling out a rockstar story.