FedEx vs. UPS = people vs. logistics.

“Before he could play a FedEx courier on TV, he had to become one.”


I saw a :15 pre-roll on  with a  companion banner inviting me to see more on Youtube…followed that link to this behinds the scenes and deep experience in their branded channel.

This is really a fantastic campaign- Much deeper than the funny but average “Retirement” spot all by itself. FedEx deserves credit not just for media planning that enhances the storytelling, but for the larger effect of investing me in the journey of this person and the human experiences he’s having: learning a new job, meeting people who ship and receive packages…and by the end they have a story I care about. 

Anyone think this is working better than the “Ben is Logistics” work from UPS? Me too(United Parcel’s smart choice in names notwithstanding).