Personal Fitness Odyssey Update

Took a moment to look up some of this unpleasantness at Columbia-wait, um,  Noose Gate?- and checked out the irreverent "Bwog" (which actually is an interesting source for breaking Columbia Universty news, from a student perspective.  Found a link to this Columbia Spectator article, which I think speaks for me, in my quest:

Basically, I felt like writing about working out because I’m proud of myself. A little shameless self-promotion never hurt anybody.


Link: Watching Chin-ups at Dodge | Columbia Spectator.

When I get back to NY, on the advice of MH, I am going to start doing resistance training.  I could probably also use the gym at the Amerisuites.  Interesting.  Thanks also to RM for suggestions about some fitness books.  Have to check those out.