A Rare political rumination

My dad sent me Jenna Bush's A Young Teacher’s Year of Mop-Ups and Cinderella from yesterday's New York Times.  After reading it, I decided that that was not the worst thing I have ever read, but it's sad those kids know more countries than the President. ZING! It's really just a shame her father is such a stain on our collective consciousness.

I think  an important lesson my father taught me was that I should seek an identity independent of my parents- I think this is a normal process of growing up.  My dad offered part time and summer employment at various times (which paid well) to students from my high school but never to me, and at one point in my life I was kind of hurt by that.   Notwithstanding the accounting issue (that is, how separate were my finances  from my father's when I was 17) I came to understand that this broadened both my resume and my perspective.  Instead of, say, one company on my resume, by the time I graduated from college I had at least four.  Bonus question: how many of those are still in business? One.  But I digress.

So it is kind of a shame that I can't read this piece of let's all join TFA fluff by Jenna Bush and not think about the fact that her father is the president, and I am not too fond of the president. 

However, my thoughts soon returned to being mean.   I was trying to point out that no one (ok, maybe, no prudent layperson??) will be able to treat Jenna Bush as an independent person because our awareness of her is stained by her father's legacy (for those of you playing at home, the precise nature of the stain is like Piña Colada on a pool table, which you can never really get rid of, except that you can re-felt the table)

Maybe the indelible nature of the parent-child contamination association should be understood both ways.  Does this mean Jenna is able to exact revenge for when she was boozing it up in Texas?  (Wait, is she the one who went to Texas or Yale?  I just looked it up: Texas. ) Her photo in Wikipedia is captioned "Jenna "Borrachia" Bush".  I shit you not. UPDATE that wikip-edia entry was apparently a victim of vandalism, and then corrected(see here).  I didn't think that was her actual middle name but it was entertaining for sure.