Back in the saddle

I'm now back at work after holiday break, and realizing it was a real perturbance of my daily routine.  I was sick for a couple days, and then the holidays started, so I was also away from the gym.  Today was my first day at the gym in a little over a week, and it feels great to have started the morning at the gym.

That being said, I feel like I never get to the movies anymore, and always regret not seeing more of the movies that come out in the theatres.  I tend to wait until they come out on DVD, but not because I strictly prefer that. 

I also saw a lot of movies on a bootleg movie site which I won;t link to for fear of contributing to its inevitable downfall, but I did see I Am Legend-  I need to find the book.   I also saw 28 Weeks Later on that site, and no sooner had I rolled my eyes and thought "oh great, I bet 28 Months later Is going to be super"

In the theatres:

Charlie Wilson's War- excellent and no wonder we've made a mess of postwar Iraq- we had practice in Afghanistan.

No Country for Old Men- Brutal, beautiful, insightful, and totally entertaining.

The Bucket List- while NY mag called it a typecast Jack Nicholson flick crossed with a typecast Morgan Freeman flick, I thought this was pretty entertaining.  Emotional ending.

Walk Hard- Hilarious.  A send-up of Ray and Walk the Line, the Dewey Cox story made me laugh hysterically a number of times.  Nice perfromance from Tim Meadows.

A good break!