Oakland, this is no way to treat your starters

Seeing Oakland lose at Shea last Saturday was tough- a 1-0 loss in the bottom of the 9th.  With the A's losing 3 games to the Mets and two to the Tribe, it was looking like another wasted June.  We picked up a win against Cleveland on Wednesday, and then blow a 3-1 lead to lose again Thursday night.  This is a good precis of how we keep losing ballgames.

Coming off a 1-0 loss in New York last week, Blanton once more left his club in prime winning position.

But with one out, two men on and the A's ahead, 3-1, the bullpen was fatefully summoned. And again, Blanton's outing was wasted when Ron Flores, a newcomer to such pressure situations, promptly left a 2-1 fastball over the plate and allowed a three-run homer to Jason Michaels.

"I feel bad for Joe," Flores said. "I can only imagine how it must feel to have a good outing go down the drain like that."