Why would we not do that? Maybe becuase you never have been good at it!

Today's NYT has the two CEOs of ATT and Apple justifying their decision to cripple the beautiful and fun iPhone device with a  network David Pogue called  “slow, and horrible."

The two executives said they were comfortable with the unexplored implications of the business relationship they have forged. In a break with the tradition of the cellphone industry, Apple is taking responsibility for the activation of the iPhone as well as account maintenance through its iTunes software on a customer’s Mac or PC. Account control has been jealously guarded by the cellphone carriers.

Mr. Stephenson remarked: “That’s what the customers want, and you can give them a good experience. Why would we not do that? I like this model a lot.

Might I be permitted to answer that SBC/AT&T has never exactly had a wonderful record of 1. vision or 2. customer experience excellence?  AT&T wireless had excellent customer service, but that ended with its acquisition by Cingular.  Maybe this is the new AT&T...but history is not in their favor?