Is Consumer Generated Media the same as "Media"

P&G Ad Man: "I Don't Want To Buy Any More Banners On Facebook." .

There is a good semantic argument that McConnell has, in the sense of  consumer generated media not being the same as media inventory. McConnnell is reacting to monetizing the “real estate”- that is, the ancillary spaces, the page gutters or top borders etc.


As much as people are giving up privacy, I agree they are not upset about this fact.  Yet what they are getting really good at is ignoring advertising. 


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When I read this article, I thought, wonder how much of McConnell’s thoughts come down to something  as simple as a generation gap? Then earlier this evening, I Ws reading Emily Nussbaum’s excellent 2007 article “Say Everything” and it confirmed it for me. Compare McConnell against some relevant excerpts: