Disgrace Alert- Shady 22year old supplies defective ammo to DoD for use by Afghanis

Terrible, horrible news, but great investigative reporting by the New York Times.  Whhat piosses me off most is that the massive expansion of private cpontracting combined with a completely useless DoD munitions policy is behind this mess.  Every defective round )(and there are literally millions of them that have been supplied to Afghanistan by this guy) takes our reputation as a nation down a notch.  Why would we do that?  Why wouldn't we have guidelines specifying the quality of the ammunition to be used by our proxies allies in the fight against terrorists?  Well, at least we have an answer:

“There is no specific testing request, and there is no age limit,” said Michael Hutchison, the command’s deputy director for acquisition. “As the ammunition is not standard to the U.S. inventory, the Army doesn’t possess packaging or quality standards for that ammo.”

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!????????

This whole thing is fascinating and horrifying and has me kind of worked up.  Check it out for yourselves. Supplier Under Scrutiny on Aging Arms for Afghans.