videos + autoplay + Google Reader = ouch

I was reading my feeds in Google Reader (where I subscribe to the  NextNY blog), and I noticed that before I even got to it, the Social Shore vid from nextnyers started playing.  That is, I heard the audio but didn't know where it came from.

It seems that the video begins playing as soon as Google Reader pre-fetches the post.  I've known for some time that Google Reader will allow a video in a post to play while you scroll through the rest of the items so i began to do so while I listened to the audio, which was still playing.  Before long, even though I had not yet reached another video, the "mod my life" video started playing, and the audio was now running on top of the Social Shore audio. 

Never seen any other feeds react to Google Reader in this way- it's frustrating and it makes me want to avoid the feed.  I now see that this is the default site behavior- I wish nextnyers would think about changing that.