Not Scrabulous? You're probably screwed, then!

This just feeds my theory that branded/sponsored ROBUST services will defeat apps which are basically just ads which do something silly.  I don't want to be a ninja or a a vampire bat behind the wheel of a Ford Model T drinking a Mike's Hard Lemonade wondering if my friend "sitting next to me" is more like an obscure TV character or an obscure movie character!  Those apps are attracting $.15 CPMs!!!!! 

Link: Facebook Platform Faces Rough Road Ahead, Despite Successes.

In the long run, more engaging apps such as Scrabulous are set to do better not only because they attract more dedicated users, but because they provide better opportunities for direct monetization, even if their CPMs are also quite low. Ravikant made a point to say that travel, dating, book, and game-related apps have the brightest futures whereas “everyone else is kinda screwed”.