My summer TV agenda

This is as much for my own benefit as anything else, but here's what's on tap for me this summer: so many good things to watch.  Where is HBO in all this?  No new Entrourage this summer, which breaks my heart, but I'll see September....

Weeds (Showtime, Mondays at 10, already begun) Nancy's new beginning looks to be fantastic, and what a ride.  A consistent favorite, and I'm so glad I have Showtime.
This American Life (Showtime) I pretty much watch this on-Demand only, but it's fantastic.  Just so insightful sometimes it shocks me.
Mad Men (AMC Sundays at 10 beginning July 27): LOVE IT.  I can't say enough good about this series, its dark and light elements especially provide a great look at the beginning of our media-permeated culture.  And, who doesn't envy 3-martini lunches (even in caricature)?
Eureka (SciFi Tuesdays at 9 beginning July 29):  I am getting happy just thinking about this show.
Burn Notice (USA Thursdays at 10):   This show hooked me last summer, for it's great camera work, fun technology, witty dialogue, awesome protagonist, and of course Gabrielle Anwar.  Bruce Campbell is awesome in this as well, and I might be watching even if he was the only good thing about it.  Fortunately this is not the case.
Breaking Bad (AMC) gotta catch up on this in re-runs- I only saw 3 episodes but they were fantastic.
Out Of Sight (USA Sundays at 10): This is a new show I'm auditioning.  It doesn't have me hooked, yet, as I don't really find the recurring plot elements very compelling.  I am thinking that I am just not enjoying the writing enough to watch this non-serialized drama.