Report on men and women and roles in Jewish life

I think this might be my first post tagged religion.  In this article from the Jerusalem Post, Non-Orthodox men less connected than women, based on a study conducted at Brandeis, these phrases are priceless:

ethnic capital - as in the inverstment of huamn capital in ethnic practices and the maintenance thereof. 
"Ima on the bima" (Rock on MOM!!!)- as in the presence of women on the podium in synagogue.  While I have found some of the liturgical chynages of the conservative movement a little jarring in the moment, I more or less agree with their message of egalitarian worship.  My mom never had a bat mitzvah, and she is studying Hebrew so she can have one .  My parents' congregation just hired a woman as Rabbi, and she's great.  So I say this is a great trend.
peoplehood- I have no idea what a peoplehood is.  Wait, is it like chairperson?  So instead of manhood or womanhood it's peoplehood?  Amazing.