New Project Idea + All my projects are in Friendfeed

I had an idea today for something called the Semantic News Heatmap. I'm going to try to build it.

I am now thinking I should take stock of current projects:

  • The Stuff, my sketch comedy group and our ongoing video effort
  • my own video effort to record and post more video online
  • my new Tumblr project, Make1Up, in which I will take a photo every day of a 1up mushroom I have on my desk.
  • Re-design an undertaking I'm not sure I'm ready for, but it includes re-thinking my approach to widgets, thinking about making a SITE as opposed to just a blog.
  • Learn about, contribute to expertise in, and teach others about Twitter.  [Example: by my estimate it will be 192 days until someone posts the 1 billionth twitter update.  I want to collect more data to model this accurately.]
  • Use Friendfeed

What I notice is that these things all are going to find their way into friendfeed.  So, use friendfeed.  Find me on Friendfeed.