My Brooklyn Bridge run

On Saturday, a day that was ridiculousy hot, I ran from my apartment across the Brooklyn Bridge.  According to Google Maps, the trip was about 3.6 miles total, but I think the last bit I walked after picking up milk, eggs, and a melon assortment.  I am pleased with having done it, and I will now be willing to run more- I am glad I'm now in good enough shape for this.

On a logistical level, this was a challenge.  I was holding on to my keys for dear life, and I succeeded in not letting them slip through my fingers and onto the roadway or into the east river.  I probably need some easy way to carry a few things (stuffing a $20 bill in my sock seemed needlessly cruel to the cashier who accepted my money). 

I think I also need new shoes (cue my mom singing the new shoes song).