Turning Legacy Brands into the Face Of Innovation

How do you position your legacy business as an information source that will evolve with the state of  technology art?  This Yellowbook.com ad seems aimed at that (the tattoo removal search is maybe more common than I would have thought, and reminded me of this SNL commercial for Turlington's Tattoo removal creme...hmmm)

In any case, it makes me wonder about what's possible for brands like this.  Can Yellowbook really transform itself into a cutting-edge information resource, make itself more than just names, addresses, and advertisements?  It makes you wonder. Is the ad representative of a desire, a plan perhaps, to embrace new technologies and find the most innovative solutions to empower the information seeker of the future.  If this company, any company, can do it, they are headed for something great.  Don't just let the future happen to you.


Link: YouTube - Yellowbook TV Ad, Say Yellow to the Future, Tattoo.