Marketing healthy foods is not like marketing regular food


Kind of dated, at this point but still an interesting idea that “Unfortunately, many people will not eat any better even if we can get them to pass a nutrition quiz."  In this particular case, inasmuch as I personally can make a good food choice, i might not always be in control of the meal's preparation.   Cornell researchers are studying this and other issues at the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab

This is probably why I like eating at The Pump so much.  I know that when I order grilled chicken, brown rice and black bean chili, that is exactly what I will get.  I know that I'll always get wheat instead of bleached flour products, and no butter or other unhealthy stuff. 

Other restaurants don't promise as much, so when you order their chicken sandwich, what kind sof marinades, condiments, sides and additives will you get?  I thought the idea of payting such close attention to the foods I eat was kind of creepy until I tried it.  Now, it's how I live my life.


I think in a lot of businesses there is a legitimate question about who should receive the marketing message- sometimes it’s not the consumer.