Early aviation routes in Europe, bold entrepreneurs

Posting a link to a new blog I found via an old friend.  It's interesting how surfacing himself on Facebook led me to discover this blog; to all those who think they have had enough of FB, I say Bah.

This is a cool post  inspired by a map of early aviation routes in Europe (ca. 1929).  It's a reminder that many "utilities" like railroads and aviation had moments of entrepreneurial exuberance, booms, busts, etc.  And here we are now with essential transportation (air travel) encumbered by rising fuel costs, and Amtrak really only turning a profit on the Northeast corridor, until their cars break down.

What might this mean for tech?  I think we're realizing that we can survive exuberance and that there can genuinely be some great things to come from that experience, but that the cycles are getting closer together.   I read somewhere that the speed of the flow of information means that what used to take a generation takes less than a decade.  We're in for a ride!